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Hello from the BAA! 💙

Below you'll find a list of the latest model treatments available to book for each date. If you would like to know the exact appointment times, please contact us on WhatsApp 📲 02031513051 and we'll be able to help! Please ensure you select the correct date from the drop-down selection when booking.

Please note: for certain treatments, including tear trough filler, jawline sculpting & the non-surgical rhinoplasty, we need to assess your suitability prior to booking - please get in touch with us if you'd like to book any of these treatments! Please also note that we are unable to provide corrective treatments for procedures performed outside the BAA. Simiarly, if you've very recently had a treatment, please contact us for advice prior to booking the same treatment again. We usually reccommend waiting at least 3 months for anti-wrinkle treatments, and 6 months for dermal filler treatments before repeating the treatment. You must be over 18, not pregnant & not breastfeeding. Please familiarise yourself with our Terms of Service including cancellation & refund policy prior to booking. Please note, anti-wrinkle treatment top-ups are chargeable (if required) at £20 for 1 area, £50 for 3 areas.

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